About Yummi Glass

Yummi Glass is Allison Overbeke’s multi-line collection of exquisitely hand-crafted glass jewelry.  Ms. Overbeke is a rising star in the fashion jewelry world with her collections in the finest boutiques in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Yummi Glass is noteworthy in that the entire line of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are individually hand-made by the most skilled glass-makers in the world.

Ms. Overbeke’s many trips overseas, and her keen design sense, results in jewelry that combines the skills and creativity of Italy with the high-fashion style of New York.  

When Ms. Overbeke first began designing Yummi Glass, her intent was to create a line of jewelry that simple yet elegant, with a look that is enduring.  Starting with a “classic” collection of jewel-toned pendants on organza ribbon, she soon expanded into various collections, including the Heart collection Safari collection, Klimt collection, Sea Life collection, Butterfuly collection, Gold collection, and her exclusive faceted collection.    While exciting, Yummi Glass provides a clean classic look, “Fashion jewelry comes and goes” says Ms. Overbeke, “but Yummi Glass should prove to be timeless and ‘cutting edge’ at the same time.”